About Us

About The Company

Anemone Flowers has been in business within the downtown Toronto business district since 1998. Our family run business has built a strong reputation for providing quality service and creatively designed arrangements to all our clients.

Our philosophy

Our motto is “the joy of giving”. There is nothing better than seeing that sparkle in the eye, that beautiful smile when a person receives beautiful flowers. No matter the occasion, knowing that they are cheered, brings the giver great joy. It is our mission to bring joy and happiness to all our clients.

History of Anemone, the flower

Anemone, pronounced as 'a-NEM-o-nee' - means "daugter of the wind", derived from the ancient Greek word anemos, meaning "wind". The taller anemone varieties are carried on long, wiry stems and nod gracefully in a breeze.  In Roman times Pliny wrote that the anemone flower was opened by the wind, and the name "windflower" is sometimes used for the whole genus.


Our hours of operation

Monday-Friday  9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday by appointment only. Store is closed but can schedule Saturday delivery.

Sunday – Closed.


Design Location
 Concourse Level (PATH)
55 University Ave, Unit C-002
Toronto, ON M5J 2H7
Email: sales@anemoneflowers.com

Retail Location:

8 Roper Rd

Toronto, ON M1L 0G6


E-mail: blueroseflorist@gmail.com